NBA 2K17 [Jtag/RGH]


NBA 2K17
Sep 16, 2016
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 Nba 2k17 JTAG
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– Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download Here

NBA 2K17 is a Sports game, developed and published by 2K Games, which was released in 2016.

Far Cry 4: Trainer / Trainer (+6) (the All the TU) the XBOX 360

Far Cry 4 Video Game Developed And Published By Ubisoft For Theplaystation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, And Microsoft Windows. It Is The Successor To The 2012 Video Gamefar Cry 3, And The Fourth Main Installment In The Far Cry Series. The Game Was Released On November 18, 2014.

The Game Takes Place In Kyrat, A Fictional Himalayan Country That Mostly Consists Of Sprawling Mountains And Forests, Vast Water Systems, And Villages. The Main Story Follows Ajay Ghale, A Young Kyrati-American, As He Is Caught In A Civil War Involving Kyrat’S Royal Army, Controlled By Tyrannical King Pagan Min, And A Rebel Movement Called The Golden Path. 

While Completing Side Missions, Collecting Useful Items, And Progressing Through The Game’S Main Story. The Game Features Many Elements Found In Role-Playing Games, Such As A Branching Storyline. In Addition To The Game’S Campaign, The Game Features A Map Editor, A Co-Operative Multiplayer Mode, And An Asymmetrical Competitive Multiplayer Mode Which Was Developed By Red Storm Entertainment.

Announced In May 2014, Development On Far Cry 4 Began Immediately After The Shipment Of Assassin’S Creed Iii In Late 2012. The Team Originally Intended To Develop A Direct Sequel To Far Cry 3 That Continues 3’S Story, But The Idea Was Later Scrapped And The Team Decided To Develop A New Setting And New Story For The Game. Certain Aspects Of Far Cry 4 Were Inspired By The Nepalese Civil War.

Far Cry 4 Was Met With A Mostly Positive Critical Reception Upon Release. Critics Praised The Open World Design, Visuals, Soundtrack, And Characters, Particularly Antagonist Pagan Min. There Was Also Praise For The New Gameplay Additions, Such As The Grappling Hook, And The Wealth Of Content. However, Some Critics Disliked The Story And Found The Game Too Similar To Its Predecessor. The Game Was A Commercial Success.


Far Cry 4 [Xbox 360] (Size: 8.14 GB)

Installation Information

If You Have Rgh/Jtag Xbox, Do This:

1. Extract The Iso With Xbox Image Browser To Your Computer.

2. Browse The Extracted Game Folder Into The “Installation1” Folder, Cut Its Content And Paste It One Level Above (The Game’S Root Folder, Where You Can See A “Default.Xex” File). Overwrite Existing Files.Delete The Now Empty ‘Installation1’ Folder.

3. Rename ‘Default.Xex’ To ‘Default1.Xex’, And ‘Game.Xex’ To ‘Default.Xex’.

4. Copy Game Folder To You External Hdd Driver/Ftp (As With All Other Games), And Enjoy The Game.


far-cry-4-screenshot-3 copy

Far-Cry-4-six1 copy


[XBOX 360] Battlefield 4
Developer: Infinity Ward
Publisher: EA Digital Illusions CE, DICE LA
Genre: Shooter
Region: Region Free
Format: ISO
Language: ENG / Multi
Release Type: iMARS
Release Date:  2013


Battlefield 4 is an action blockbuster that aims for unrivaled destruction. Fueled by Frostbite 3, Battlefield 4 allows you to demolish the buildings shielding your enemy. You will lead an assault from the back of a gun boat. Battlefield grants you the freedom to do more and be more while playing to your strengths and carving your own path to victory. Beyond its hallmark multiplayer, Battlefield 4 features an intense, dramatic character-driven campaign that starts with the evacuation of American VIPs from Shanghai and follows your squad’s struggle to find its way home. Change the landscape in real-time with interactive environments that react to your every move. Dominate land, air and sea with all-new, intense water-based vehicular combat.


Game Size: 15.6 GB


How to download  from this site


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Alien Isolation [Xbox 360] -Torrent Download

Alien Isolation Xbox360

Alien: Isolation is a first-person survival, the best games torrents horror game which captures the fear and tension evoked by Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic film. Players find themselves in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger as an unpredictable, ruthless Xenomorph is stalking and killing deep in the shadows. Underpowered and underprepared, you must scavenge resources, improvise solutions and use your wits, not just to succeed in your mission, but to simply stay alive.

Download .torrent

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Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag: Trainer / Trainer (+3) [XBOX360]

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag: Trainer / Trainer (+3) [XBOX360]


Trainer for XBOX360

– Unzip the file to the flash drive and transfer XYZEngine.xex XYZPatcher.xex and files on a hard console.
– Run by Trainer XYZPatcher.xex file after ejection dashboards to run the game.
– Trainer for FreeBoot !

The game Hit Back + Start and select the desired function:
1- immortality mode.
2- the maximum money.
3- endless objects (metal, wood, etc).
4- infinite supply of air under water.
5- infinite ammo.
6- unsinkable ship.
7- fast ships murder.
8 no charge.
555- enable all cheats.
999- disable all cheats.

Download trainer for Assassins Creed IV of: This Flag of Black Trainer

Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS)

Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS)
Information about dashboards:
Year: 2014
Subject: the Aurora the Dashboard v0.4b
Developer: the Phoenix
Publisher: the Phoenix
Region: the Free
Firmware: FreeBoot / the JTAG
Language: Russian , Multi

Written from the ground up dashboards that has been optimized to quickly navigate the menu of the Xbox 360 .
This is the first alpha release may contain some errors, but it turned out to be fairly stable, the new version in the development of dashboards!

Changes Goole translation
= Added LB Tab / RB icons for the manager and position FileManager Update, to help make it clearer.
= Updated skin.xml and added skin.meta skin files to support new skin selection options.
= Added alternative version of the skin in the skin saver default.
= Reconfigured filter and sort the scene and I did update the list of games.
= Created a new dynamic module list, which allows us to save a lot of computing power XUI.
= Added Activator screenshot and select the trigger button prompts allow configuration.
= Fixed a bug where you could move the list of games and UI progress has been shown.
= Fixed bug where freezing can occur when watching the achievements of the scene (and a couple of other scenes).
= Added the ability to run LibXenon ELF files from the file manager.
= Added Launch DVD button on the dialog system with detection of the drive to activate / deactivate buttons as necesssary.
= Moved CoverLayout selection in the pop-up list.
= Moved Sort order selection in the pop-up list.
= Fixed combo screenshot will not be turned off if there is no network cable is not plugged in at boot time.
= Removed restrictions on the file names in the file manager – allows special characters to be used.
= Added the ability to add or remove a mailbox mode when the 4: 3 screen to manually change the database unnecessarily.
= Aurora will now turn XHTTP to start the dash while Aurora works. When Aurora comes, he will return it to the setting you had on before!

Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS) Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS) Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS) Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS)
Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS) Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS) Aurora Dashboard v04.b (Multi / RUS)


PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360)

PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360)
Released: 2013
Developer: Ced2911
Publisher: Ced2911
Release Type: the Homebrew
Region: the Region the Free
Firmware: FreeBoot / the JTAG
Language: Eng
Serviceability checked: Yes (JACKIE)

Ced2911 released its version of the emulator the PS1 / the PSXthe PSone PCSXR 360 .
Emulator PCSXR 360 has been significantly improved in recent years, now it can also be launched directly from Freeftyle 3Dashboard’a !, but not as before through Hell.

Supported Games version PCSXR360 v2.0.4

Description PCSXR360 v2.0.6 :
Version 2.0.6 is completely updated interface emulation became better, the opportunity to download cover art and descriptions of the games, as well as create a profile with settings for each game.

It’s not all functions (analog support (rumble works in some games), multi-disk support, the brightness has been set, as it is now possible to choose between GUI Starr plug CDR (for raider 1,2 and CDDA games) and the new CDR for better compatibility for games like Jammer Lammy and probably other games!

Note: when we choose a graphical interface options using the new plug-in cord and try to download the game, the game will not be loaded at once. The emulator will start pcsxr_new.xex, not that other, as the emulator with the new CDR sauce code, compiled in the assembly. Simply select the game again, and the game will work fine.
The same goes if you have chosen the old CDR plugin and try to load the game. The emulator will start pcsxr_retail, ie the assembly with the old CDR source code is compiled. Try to download the game again and it will work.

New in PCSXR 360 v2.0.6a

STC timer will be set to 2, when you turn on the SPU IRQ option in the new CDR assembly.

Fixed BIOS intro sound in new STCs. In fact, CED has corrected this problem in his fist working SPU, but it is sure to add to their recent spu.This some strange sounds fixed in games such as Ace Combat 3.

Added slow download options (BIOS intro animation) on the gaming profile settings in the 2-core (old and new version of the CDR). I added this option because some games like Tomb Raider 4 have a strange noise sounds in the game, using a fast boot (not BIOS Intro) and the old CDR. Thus, using a slow boot options (BIOS intro animation will appear) and the sound will work properly!

For foreign sites!
Amazingly talented french of The homebrew coder has released The Ced2911 the XDK a His version of the the PS1 emulator PCSXR for the Xbox 360 . Ced2911 released a LibXenon version of this emulator some time about but this version has been much improved over the last and it can also be run directly from F3


PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360)
PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360)


PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360)
PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360)


The UPD: 02/18/15 PCSXR360 v2.0.6a


FakeAnim (FreeBoot)


FakeAnim (FreeBoot)


FakeAnim – add your video at the console to download ” FreeBoot “


With the release of the new Dashlaunch 3.03 for all owners FreeBoot consoles have an excellent ability to set your video to WMV 9 format at the first start up the console zakruzki any dashboards. those.instead of a white background with stripes and ball Xbox can set absolutely any of your video format WMV 9. Of course, downloading video takes time, ie, console launch will be delayed a little, it is directly dependent on the length of the video clips, so do not put a load on film)) at the launch of Glitch-a add clips absolutely no effect. You will also need to adjust the start-up roller under your system and a TV, choose the appropriate GPU launch delay, that you specified animation is not circumcised first. But as practice shows, simply repeat what is shown in the video tutorial below


1. Copy over all files to the archive on the hard drive or a USB flash drive of your Xbox 360
2. Edit launch.ini parameter file stored in the root of the USB drive / hard disk by specifying the parameter fakeanim way to your fakeamin.xex
3. Restart the console and make sure that the heating starts. Ignore the red screen in the early-Trial downloads
4. Once you are convinced about the program starts, only then remove bootanim.xex memory (internal Flash memory of the console) using FSD3 Explorer or FTP connection
5. Restart the console, and pay attention to the duration of the display screen red
6. Calibrate start editing fakeanim.ini file and changing the delay setting, check the console launch, adjusting GPU initialization time
7. When calibration is complete, edit fakeanim.ini setting the calibration file in the “0”


The essence of the calibration management GPU launch delay. Those. changing the delay parameter you achieve the minimum length of time the red display and the fullest of your video display. The – a number from 0 to 100 – each unit is 250 ms delay. Those. zaderka parameter 10 = 2.5 seconds.Verification should be carried out on a cold startup console.

it is recommended to start with a value of 5 for the Slim consoles
For Phat consoles with 13 values.

Setting delay – delay time
Parameter calibration – if set to 1 – calibrated displays a red screen when the console starts. If set to 0 – not proizodit calibration, has been completed, ie, the need for a red screen disappears, when you start the console displays a black background.



XeBuild 3.13 and DashLaunch 3.13 by 16767 the Dashboard FreeBoot

XeBuild 3.13 and DashLaunch 3.13 at 16767 Dashboard FreeBoot
Information programs:
Year: 2014
Developer: Pirates)
Publisher: Pirates)
Publication Type: the Soft
Region: the Free
Firmware: FreeBoot / the JTAG
Language: the Multi

Collection of necessary programs for the Xbox 360 Fributa that would update dashboards and Kernel – translation from google!

XeBuild 3.13
– Add 16756, 16767.
– Add a corona-based configuration in the INI 13182 retail.
– Fixed a bug that stopped once the file to the default values ​​for the flash file.
– Patch to update XeKeysConsoleSignatureVerification core content signed with other keyvault (Remote Signed) Now we answer locally signed (v16747 +).
– Added additional targeted Trinity / Winchester in case they are needed.
– Added noSShdd addon patch for 16767+ that this patch is included with the current retail drives the security sector will be rejected.
– An experimental set of patches on the crown of the hardware, which requires 13182 (16767+).
– Reworked as update mode operates at pulse false image, it now saves loaders from the console instead of the recovery of the files (which makes it easier to update the new crown spot in the future).
– Added a new addon patch “noSShdd ‘, turns off the hard drive with the current security sector!

XeBuild GUI 2.094
– UPDATED: Now, using xeBuild 1,13
– UPDATED: Now, using Dashlaunch 3.13
– UPDATED: Now under dashboards 2.0.16767.0

DashLaunch 3.13
– Add 16756, 16767.
– Add UTF8 to FEAT FTP list, improves support for non-ASCII name.
– Now you can place up to 10 IDs for the title in the INI autofake to fakelive title run.
– Fixed DVD Games / video downloads from the official Dash tiles.
– Added option autocont (yes, it’s not really a network option, but relies on autofake so his right next to it).
– Changed how contpatch work added / divided into xblapatch and licpatch (let’s try to find the problem Blind edition).
– To record the numerical value in the installer a bit more consistent.
– Added check to launch.xex for lhelper.xex flash to prevent screen error E71.
– Updated built-in update server to V3.