PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360)

PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360)
Released: 2013
Developer: Ced2911
Publisher: Ced2911
Release Type: the Homebrew
Region: the Region the Free
Firmware: FreeBoot / the JTAG
Language: Eng
Serviceability checked: Yes (JACKIE)

Ced2911 released its version of the emulator the PS1 / the PSXthe PSone PCSXR 360 .
Emulator PCSXR 360 has been significantly improved in recent years, now it can also be launched directly from Freeftyle 3Dashboard’a !, but not as before through Hell.

Supported Games version PCSXR360 v2.0.4

Description PCSXR360 v2.0.6 :
Version 2.0.6 is completely updated interface emulation became better, the opportunity to download cover art and descriptions of the games, as well as create a profile with settings for each game.

It’s not all functions (analog support (rumble works in some games), multi-disk support, the brightness has been set, as it is now possible to choose between GUI Starr plug CDR (for raider 1,2 and CDDA games) and the new CDR for better compatibility for games like Jammer Lammy and probably other games!

Note: when we choose a graphical interface options using the new plug-in cord and try to download the game, the game will not be loaded at once. The emulator will start pcsxr_new.xex, not that other, as the emulator with the new CDR sauce code, compiled in the assembly. Simply select the game again, and the game will work fine.
The same goes if you have chosen the old CDR plugin and try to load the game. The emulator will start pcsxr_retail, ie the assembly with the old CDR source code is compiled. Try to download the game again and it will work.

New in PCSXR 360 v2.0.6a

STC timer will be set to 2, when you turn on the SPU IRQ option in the new CDR assembly.

Fixed BIOS intro sound in new STCs. In fact, CED has corrected this problem in his fist working SPU, but it is sure to add to their recent spu.This some strange sounds fixed in games such as Ace Combat 3.

Added slow download options (BIOS intro animation) on the gaming profile settings in the 2-core (old and new version of the CDR). I added this option because some games like Tomb Raider 4 have a strange noise sounds in the game, using a fast boot (not BIOS Intro) and the old CDR. Thus, using a slow boot options (BIOS intro animation will appear) and the sound will work properly!

For foreign sites!
Amazingly talented french of The homebrew coder has released The Ced2911 the XDK a His version of the the PS1 emulator PCSXR for the Xbox 360 . Ced2911 released a LibXenon version of this emulator some time about but this version has been much improved over the last and it can also be run directly from F3


PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360)
PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360)


PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360)
PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360) PSXone emulator for the Xbox 360 (PCSXR 360)


The UPD: 02/18/15 PCSXR360 v2.0.6a


NullDC 360 Freeboot Emulator (Jtag/Eng)

NullDC 360 Freeboot Emulator (Jtag / Eng)
Information on the emulator :
Released : 2010-2014
Platform : the Xbox 360
Developer : NullDC the Team
Publisher : NullDC the Team
Release Type : the Homebrew
Publication Type : Emulator
Region : Region Free
Firmware : FreeBoot / the JTAG
Language : English

Description :
NullDC – this emulator consoles Sega Dreamcast console Xbox 360 .

Instructions :
Unpacked in the root of the stick and runs through XELL. This build is specifically for skompilin CORONA, but I think on the other, too, can go. I tried to throw off on an external HDD, when you run a red screen, on the run from a flash drive only, and it is desirable that other USB devices were not in port, or red screen (at least for me).

Settings in the emulsion as such is not, so they do not even climb. The emulator does not see why the VMU (memory card), this saves as there are none. If you click on the controller of LB, it was supposed to make a quick save, but in fact a red screen, so it’s best not to push!

Thank You tatolya

NullDC 360 Freeboot Emulator (Jtag / Eng) NullDC 360 Freeboot Emulator (Jtag / Eng) NullDC 360 Freeboot Emulator (Jtag / Eng) NullDC 360 Freeboot Emulator (Jtag / Eng)


GBA Emulators for PSP

There has been some progress this 2016 on GBA emulation for PSP. A new emulator has appeared and it seems to work even better than what we already have so i am now recommending it as the first option:

1. TempGBA4PSP

Download Size: 976 KB
GDrive: TempGBA4PSP
Mirrors: TempGBA4PSP


  1. Download and right click “Extract here” with Winrar.
  2. Copy the TempGBA folder to /PSP/GAME/ folder.
  3. Copy GBA ROMs (can be zipped) inside TempGBA/roms/ folder.
  4. Launch the emulator on the PSP, select a rom and press circle to launch.


Circle: A
Cross: B
Square: Shows FPS
Triangle: Fast Forward
Select, Start, L and R are the same as the PSP ones.
Home Button: MENU

2. Uo gpSP Kai 3.4 test3 Build 92

Another PSP emulator, the best before TempGBA4PSP appeared. Emulation is almost perfect with gpSP Emulator. The version i recommend using is “Uo gpSP Kai 3.4 test3 Build 92” The emulator requires the GBA Bios to work but i’ve put together a pack with all you need:

Download Size: 977 KB
GDrive: UOgpSP
Mirrors: UOgpSP

  1. Copy the gpSP folder to your “PSP/GAME/”  folder
  2. Put the roms inside “gpSP/GBA/ROM/” folder (ROMs can be compressed on .zip no need to extract them).
  3. Launch the emulator on the PSP, select a rom and press circle to launch.

Emulators for PC/Windows

Consoles Emulators
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Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Wii U
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SEGA Dreamcast
Nintendo DS
GameBoy Advance
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PlayStation 2
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SEGA Game Gear
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Mega Drive
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Root any Android Devices

I always get a lot of questions asking for instructions on how to root a particular device. Unfortunately, the root exploit that worked on one device might now work on another. This usually means that the user will have to spend hours searching for a method to root their device. This tasks becomes even more challenging if their device from a little known company without a development community. Luckily, there is a way to ease this frustration.
A popular app called King Root is aimed at providing users a simple way to root their device. This device uses a “it just works” ideology. All the user needs to do is download the app, and let it do all the work. Behind the scenes, the app is seaching through a database of known exploits and figuring which one that it can apply to your device. Once it finds it, it will use that exploit to root your device. The cool thing is that this seems to work on most Android devices without any problem. It is truly a one-click solution. However, the developers behind King Root have been under internet scrutiny for questionable privacy concerns and invasions pertaining to sensitive device information. Of course, nothing is confirmed as these are all rumors. So perform this procedure at your own risk.

Obtain Root

Navigate to and download the apk to your phone. Click the download to apk to install (make sure you have off market apps checked in your security settings). Afterwards, wait for the app to analyze your phone and start the root process. You can use this app to verify if you have root.

Hack Android Apps and Games

Wouldn’t it be great if every game had cheat codes? Well, this might be closer than you think. Using the app Game Guardian, we can change the value of any numerical data within Android games. Yes, you can now achieve an unbeatable high score in your favorite game.

To do this you will need to have a rooted Android device. The process for this is fairly simple. We need to find the location of a desired attribute then change its value. The challenging part is finding the location of the attribute. Without going too deep into computer memory and assembly language, just know that a hex address points to each value in memory. Once we find that hex address we can change the value. You should also be aware that this will not work with every game. Lots of games might have an “anti-cheat” mechanism that will detect for extremely large numbers at places where they shouldn’t exist. So here’s how to hack Android apps and games:

What You Will Need:

Step 1: Installing

After you download and install Game Guardian, launch it and start the service. You will see a floating window of the game guardian icon. You can adjust its size and opacity in the settings menu if it’s difficult to see.
Game Guardian

Step 2: In Game

The next logical thing to do is get a game that you want to test this on. I am going to use the game Stack. Within Game Guardian, select Stack as the application.
Game Guardian Hack ANdroid apps
What we want to do is achieve an insanely high score. First, we need to locate the address that points to the score variable. In order to do this, we will need to buildup an arbitrary score that we can search for. So play the game until you reach a score of 2 or 3.
Now go into Game Guardian. Select the button that reads “Known and enter the value that you want to search for. For simplicity, set the type to auto. You will most likely come across a large list of addresses that point to the value 2 or 3.
Game Guardian Hack Android Apps Game Guardian Hack Android Apps
Unfortunately, we can’t safely change anything because we wouldn’t know which one to choose. So the solution is to go back and continue playing until you reach another number. So say you reach the score of 10. Go back to Game Guardian and search for 10. The list will probably be smaller than before but still too large. So repeat the process one more time.
Game Guardian Hack Android Apps
Now suppose that your score is 12. When you go back to Game Guardian, you might see a value that reads 12 (this is still from your previous search of 9). If that’s the case, then you have successfully pinpointed the right address. The last thing to do is change the value.
Game Guardian Hack Android Apps
Select the value with D. D is short for DWORD which is the size of the data on a 32 bit architecture. It’s more than likely that the phone you’re using is at least 32bits, so this is what you will need. Change that value to something like 300 and save it. Now when you go back to the game, the value should be changed.
Game Guardian Hack Android Apps

Save Battery Life on Android

Every year, smartphones get better and better. We live in the age where the average smartphone has better specs than a two year old computer. Despite all of this technological innovation, battery life is still a major concern for many consumers. It’s simple, we need longer lasting batteries. Unfortunately, until there is a scientific breakthrough with battery technology, this is unlikely to change. Fortunately, there is a way that you can get the most out of your battery.

This tutorial is going to apply specifically to any android device running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or above. Android 6.0 introduced a feature called doze. Doze puts your device into deep sleep to conserve power. This might seem insignificant, but it works wonders! On my Nexus 5X, I managed to loose no more than 1% of battery during an hour and a half lecture. There is one thing that is annoying with doze; it takes awhile to activate. In order for doze to activate, your device must be idle for at least 30 minutes. That means your device has to be doing nothing more than sitting untouched on a surface. As you can guess, there is much room for improvement. Let’s use the app Gentrify to save battery life on Android.

What You Will Need:

Better Doze:

Greenify has an option called Aggressive Doze.
Greenify Aggressive Doze
Aggressive Doze  enables the default doze to kick in around 10 minutes of no activity. You can also enable the notification to show when the device entered doze and for how long. You might also want to whitelist certain apps that don’t use Google’s cloud notification system, as they might not work properly when the device is in doze.
My White listed apps
Greenify Whitelisted Apps

Even Better Doze

The above method should be fine for most people. But if you want to maximize the most out of Greenify type the following in adb to give it dump permission.

Step 1: Install USB Drivers

First, you need to install ADB tools along with the necessary drivers. I provided a link above to a toolkit which will automate the whole process.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging

To enable USB debugging go to your settings menu, then developer options, and enable usbDebugging.  If you don’t see developer options, go to about phone and tap the build number 10 times.  It should prompt you that “You are now a developer” and from there you should see developer options. Go inside and enable USB debugging.
Build NumberUSB Debugging
Here are the adb commands that you need to enter:
Aggressive Doze:
adb -d shell pm grant com.oasisfeng.greenify android.permission.DUMP
Wake-up Tracker:
adb -d shell pm grant com.oasisfeng.greenify android.permission.READ_LOGS

This will allow Greenify to activate doze regardless of the current motion sensing. So this will allow your device to enter doze as long as the screen is off and not charging. So far it has worked well for me, so let me know how it works for you.

Play PlayStation Games on Android

Do you miss the good old PlayStation days? I am talking about the original PlayStation with the 1MB Memory cards (I had a lot of those) and the boring yet simplistic outer-body design?  If so, there is hope for you. Thanks to multiple apps in the Play Store, you can play PlayStation games on Android.

Emulation has come so far on Android. It amazes me at just how many titles are compatible with the PlayStation emulators. Speaking of which, I am going to use the popular emulator called Fpse. In my experience, I found that this emulator works the best and will guarantee you a large collection of compatible titles. Also, it features nifty features like quick save state (goodbye 1MB memory cards) and allows you to customize many of the in-game emulation settings. However, don’t feel obligated to use Fpse. There are many other good PSX emulators appearing in the Play Store.

What You Will Need:

The Simple Process

Okay, so the first thing you need to do is find the ISO or BIN of the game that you want to play. If you have the PlayStation disc, then there are tools on the web that you can use to get the game data off of it. Otherwise, just Google search.
**If the game you’re trying to use is in a ECM format, you can use the unecm tool to convert it. Simply drag the ECM file to the unecm application in your file explorer.**
Afterwards, download the PlayStation Bios zip and unzip it. You should see SCPH1001.BIN. Transfer the bios and game to your phone.
Finally, on Fpse, load the bios file and the game. To load the bios go to Settings –> Misc –> Paths –> Load Bios. The app will automatically scan your phone for any games.
Load Bios

How to Play Nintendo DS Games on Android

The Nintendo DS was by far one of my favorite portable game systems.  However, these were the days before smartphone gaming became the norm.  If you’re feeling nostalgic and in the mood to play some DS games on your Android device, it’s very easy thanks to the DraStic DS emulator. Here’s how to play Nintendo DS games on Android:

What You’ll Need:

Step 1: Transferring the Rom to Your Device

The first thing you need to do is transfer the Rom to your device.  If it’s in a .zip archive or .7z folder, extract it and transfer the whole folder to your device.

Step 2: Download Drastic DS Emulator

You can choose to download the demo version, however for full functionality the paid version is what you want.  After you download it, open it and select the location of the game that you want to play.  Now you’re ready to play!  The game I used was Animal Crossing.  The performance was just as smooth as I come to expect from the Nintendo DS and the controls weren’t difficult to operate.  I like how the emulator gives you the options to split your screen horizontally or vertically.
Playing Animal Crossing Playing Animal Crossing Customizing Controls