Year : 2009
Platform : 
Genre : Action / Third Person Shooter
Developer : Artificial yet Mind and Movement
Publisher : Bethesda has Softworks has
Code disc : BLES00707
Publication Type : pirates
Completeness : FULL
Running : the ALL the CFW / Any custom firmware
Language : Russian
Transfer type : text

Description :
When the mercenary Ruby Malone reached for the next order, she foresaw easy money. What could be easier than to find a job is good for nothing son of the rich dad and son to return home? Alas, Ruby miscalculated. The customer was not those for whom claimed to be, and the whole operation turned deadly woes. However, the charming Ruby is no stranger to adventure. The risk of it only whet, but deception and betrayal she does not forgive anyone! In the role of a stunning beauty you will have a sword and a pistol to restore justice.

The Wet harmoniously wind-shooting, acrobatics and violent fight with knives. Ruby equally skillfully managed as a gunshot “toys”, and with a sword. And thanks to its agility, it can shoot and cut the raid, rolling down the stairs or slipping on the floor. Action heroine richly flavored humor, peppered with violent scenes, decorated in the style of retrokino and accompanied by music in the spirit of melodies 70-ies of the last century.


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