Dark Souls: Hacket Edition RUS (4.21+) BG

Dark Souls: Hacket Edition RUS (4.21+) BG
Release Information :
Year : 2012
Genre : Action / Rpg
Developer : the From Software
Publisher : Namco Bandai
Code disc : BLES01765
Completeness : FULL
Operability : External and Internal HDD
Publication Type : pirates
Firmware : 4.21+
Language : Russian
Sound language : English

Game description :
Unique Dead game world in which you will know the difference from reality and teach your character to be passionate, nimble and strong, like a pack of bulls. Project Dark Souls from the beginning to the end will not let you breathe, as wakes keep on their toes, hardcore battles in the game gives the flavor of many love this action game with RPG elements.
Tired swing your sword in the gameplay there are puzzles over which surrenders to think, but it is well balanced and not to focus on one game. The most difficult and truly hardcore RPG!
Excellent graphics and atmospheric, especially the combat system, and much more will make you plunge into the world of exquisite priklyucheniy.Glavny hero has a solid as a rock in nature, and not when I was not afraid of obstacles so it should spend its entire thorny path.

= Modified Design in the XMB / XMMB
= Change Musical Accompaniment in XMB Menu
Sewn = Mod: Maximum Points Saved
Sewn mod = Maximum Shower
Sewn mod = Maximum Humanity



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