Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Hacked Edition RUS (4.21+)

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Hacked Edition RUS (4.21+)
Release Information :
Year : 2010
Platform : 
Genre : Action / Slasher
Developer : Mercurysteam
Publisher : Konami has
Code disc : BLES01047
Completeness : FULL
Operability : External and Internal HDD
Publication Type : pirates
Firmware : 4.21+
Language : Russian
Sound language : English

Description :
Lords of Shadow tells an interesting and terrible truth about the love of the beloved, and how our gentleman lost ee.Naydya, the strength it takes the cross and goes in search of the love of his life, he will visit all sorts of strange places where no man has gone before and destroy a ton of enemies.
This project has a unique approach to the combat system and uninhibited graphics component, also placed on the slope of physics.
You will take control of the Belmont which has its own peculiarities in the habits, for example, he is in sacred circles and has the status of a knight of the Order. Spouse Gabriel killed and her body was torn to pieces, as the Vandals over it could outrage and most importantly why? You have to avenge the shame of the perfect woman he loved, and to get even with moral monsters. The game has an unnatural and secret mask, both of which oppose the forces of each other, one has the power agantsa Bozhyev second Lucifer! Excellent dimensional kastelvaniya!

= Modified Design in the XMB / XMMB
= Change Musical Accompaniment in XMB Menu
Sewn = Mod: Maximum Experience
Sewn = Mod: Infinite Daggers
Sewn = Mod: Infinite Crystals
Sewn = Mod: Endless Holy Water
Sewn = Mod: Infinite Magic



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