Dragonball Z Battle of Z (Eng)

Dragonball Z Battle of Z (Eng)
Information about the game :
Platform : 
Year : 2014
Genre : 3D, Action, Fighting
Developer : Artdink
Publisher : Namco Bandai Games is
Publication Type : License
Area : EUR
Code disc : BLES01941
Language : English, Japanese
Startup : 4.40+

Description :
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – team fighting game, which can fit in up to eight players at one stage.
At the same time in the cooperative mode can be played up to four users, combining the attack and helping each other to make up a stock of health. In the game you can together stand against giant enemies, which is difficult to beat even the whole team.
In addition to the multiplayer mode, in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z there is also a single-player campaign that continues the storyline of the series.

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