Devil May Cry 4: Hacked Edition (FULL/RUS/RUSSOUND) 3.41+

Devil May Cry 4: Hacked Edition (FULL / RUS / RUSSOUND) 3.41+
Information on the game :
Year : 2008
Platform : 
Genre : Action / Slasher
Developer : of Capcom
Publisher : of Capcom
Code disc : BLUS30092
Completeness : FULL
Operability : External and Internal HDD
Publication Type : pirates
Firmware : 3.41+
Language : Russian
Sound language : Russian

Game description :
Fans Devil May Cry already know what to expect from this gothic series: they are looking for fast action sequences that require calibrated performance time rather than knocking on the buttons. They expect large-scale battles with insane bosses and hordes of monsters that are barely give the player to catch his breath.
They are also waiting for the characters that are easy to be treated to a dangerous setting, diluting with a large dose of sarcasm and a skeptical point of view of the supernatural environment in which find themselves. Well, relax, fans DMC: Devil May Cry 4, the final chapter of the series, and the first true sequel to Devil May Cry chronology kept all these brand names, with a very good showing, what can the PS3 . At least for the most part.


– Modified Design in the XMB / XMMB
– Changed the background music in the XMB
– Sewn modes: High red sphere
– Sewn modes: Maximum Blue Spheres
– Sewn modes: Max violet sphere
– Sewn modes: High Spheres (Proud Souls)
– Sewn modes: Infinite Look Demon




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