Call of Duty: Ghosts (RUS) 4.50 (Cobra ODE / E3 ODE PRO ISO)

Call of Duty: Ghosts (RUS) 4.50 (Cobra ODE / E3 ODE PRO ISO)
Information about the game :
Release Date : November 5, 2013
Release date in Russia : November 5, 2013
Platform : 
Genre : Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Developer : the Infinity Ward is
Publisher : of Activision
Publisher in Russia : New Disc
Language : Russian
Sound language : Russian
Subtitle Language : Russian
Publication Type : License
Area : EUR
Code disc : BLES01948
Firmware : 4.50 / image for the Cobra The ODE / the E3 The ODE the PRO
Multiplayer : Internet / Multiplayer Splitscreen (2)

Description :
Ten years after a global cataclysm former influence one of the leading world powers dissipated like smoke. Destruction of the economy, the government is not able to protect the citizens and the military, desperately trying to keep under the control of the main regions of the country – this is a harsh reality that will face the soldiers of an elite unit “Ghost.” And once they are able to challenge the new global force, equipped with the latest technology and claims to world domination.

Features :
Drawing a new generation: modern technologies, uniting incredibly realistic characters, stunning locations, advanced lighting and special effects system, worthy of the best Hollywood blockbusters.
Unique experience: the first time in the history of the series, players will take part in the battle on the side of the weaker side, when the enemy is superior not only in the number of trunks, but also in technological equipment.
The development of multiplayer games: thanks to updated engine Call of Duty: Ghosts will change your ideas about modes of multiplayer games. In the dynamically changing maps you encounter earthquakes, floods and other events, capable of the most decisive impact on the tactics and strategy of battle. And advanced character editor allows players to create a truly unique fighters.


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