Batman: Arkham Origins DLC Collection (2013) RUS (3.41,3.55,4.40+)

Batman: Arkham Origins DLC Collection (2013) RUS (3.41,3.55,4.40+)
On Information :
Year : 2013
Genre : Action, Adventure, Stealth
Developer : the WB Games is Montréal
Publisher : the WB Games is
Code disc : BLUS31147
Publication Type : the DLC
Language : Russian
Transfer type : text
Completeness : FULL
Running : 3.41 / 3.55 … 4.40+

New Millennium Skins
– Batman of the ” Red’s son ‘
– Batman, “Dark Night”
– Draw Batman of “New 52”
– Batman: Noel
– Batman ” 1st appearance ‘

Infinite Earths Skins
– The Dark Knight from the Earth 2
– Batman of “Long Halloween”
– Batman: The Dark Knight of the Round Table
– Batman from “Thrillkiller”
– Batman of Earth 2

Season Pass Exclusive
– Skin Batman from “Gotham by Gaslight”
– Skin Batman: Dark day

Other Skins
– Batman of the “One Million”
– Batman: The Dark Knight
– Batman from “Injustice”
– Metal Batman of the “New 52”

Appearance of Batman are available in the story campaign upon completion of the main story, the test cards and online.

Black Mask Challenge
Grasp the most famous crime boss in Gotham by downloading a set of tests’ ‘Black Mask’. Open two completely new test cards: ” No vacancy ” and ” Secret enterprise ”. Playing as Batman or Defstrouka, show a black mask, who is the real boss in Gotham!

Deathstroke Challenge
It is believed those who form of a preliminary order for the game or bought the collector’s edition.
This supplement includes a playable character Deathstroke with three unique skins, as well as two exclusive challenge-card.
– Skin Deathstroke
– Skin from Deathstroke “Judas Contract”
– Skin from Deathstroke “Injustice”
– Map of “No Money”
– Map of “100 to 1”

Knightfall Challenge
It is exclusive to PS3 -Version Batman: Arkham Origins, this supplement includes three Combat-cards, two Predator-card ( “Azrael will not protect” / “City on Fire” / “Contact Venom” / “Turning Point” / “Evil will not peace “) and two bonus skins – Knightfall Batman (Batman: Knightfall) and classic TV Series Batman (Batman from the classic television series).

Go back in time, when no Batman was not there, and help the young Bruce Wayne to complete the martial arts training. Explore exotic locations, including the bamboo forest and the monastery on the mountain top. This set includes images of ” Bruce Wayne ” and ” Avenger ”, four test cards and test campaign.

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