Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (RUS) (Cobra ODE, E3 ODE) Rip

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (RUS) (Cobra ODE, E3 ODE) Rip
Information about the game :
Year : 2007
Genre : Hack and slash, Action role- playing
Platform : 
Developer : the Sony Online Entertainment’s
Publisher : the Sony Online Entertainment’s
Code disc : BLES00019
Completeness : the Rip
Publication Type : pirates
Firmware : the Cobra The ODE
Language : Russian
Sound language : English
Multiplayer : 2x

Description :
Untold Legends Dark Kingdom is setting new standards for the genre of role-playing games. Exciting adventure in a fantasy world, high resolution graphics, stunning visual and audio effects, a fabulous battle and a huge variety of magic spells – all this in the first role-playing game for the PlayStation 3 !
Game scenario created by the famous author Keith Baker (Keith Baker), who writes in the style of fantasy Dungeons & Dragons.The ruler of a great kingdom came under the influence of dark forces and send their troops to fight the rebels tribes of barbarians. Returning home, the winning heroes see that their land has changed beyond recognition. Kingdom has turned into a real hell. The player will have to renounce the ruler and rebel against him, to bring peace and tranquility to the residents of the once glorious kingdom of the house, suddenly plunged into darkness …

Features :
– Three characters, three different fates. The game features a complex and thoroughly thought-out system of game characters. During the passage you will get access to new weapons, armor, spells, and numerous other features. The harder the attack and the more enemies killed, the more experience points you earn and. The game is full of not only fighting – you have to use ingenuity and solve complex logical problems.
– High quality graphics and video. The game is developed in high definition up to 1080p. All the characters and elements of the world are presented with unprecedented detail. In addition to high-quality graphics in Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom has a beautiful animated screensaver high-resolution and detailed characters models.
– Unique music. Sound in the game is presented in a multi-channel surround Dolby Digital 7.1 format. The music for “Dark Kingdom” wrote the famous composer Laura Karpman (Laura Karpman), receives the award for his work “Emmy” as much as 4 times. Lyrics performed in the sound track, taken from tales of William Wallace (William Wallace) – the legend of “Braveheart.”
– Exciting multiplayer mode. In addition to the long epic story in the game for one person, the magical adventure lovers will be able to join forces and fight each other in multiplayer mode via PlayStation Network.

– Nothing, including video compression and not cut
– Remove all languages ​​of the text, except for Russian
– Remove all languages ​​voice than English



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