Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (EUR/RUS) 3K3Y

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (EUR / RUS) 3K3Y
Year : 2011
Genre : Action, Adventure
Developer : of Naughty Dog
Publisher : the Sony the Computer Entertainment’s
Platform : the PS3
Code disc : BCES-01175
Area : EUR
Publication Type : License
Language : Russian , English
Type of translation : Text + Sound
Firmware : 3K3Y
Starting from the disc : 3K3Y + External HDD
The process of creating an image : RIP from original BD [security PSN !!!] 100% copy !!!

Description :
The third part of one of the main PS3 -eksklyuzivov, adventure game, executed in the best traditions of Indiana Jones. The plot of the game emphasis on the development of relations Drake with his mentor Victor Sullivan – together they go in a bold march through the heart of the Arabian Desert. Of course, we are promised improved graphics, support for stereo and a very developed multiplayer.

Features :
– Form style. Drake has mastered the new movement, and hence, may be more diverse than ever before. Now he is able to come together in close combat with multiple opponents, able to use the most appropriate in a particular situation or attack methods on the sly. And during the shootings Nathan can actively move, choosing a more favorable position

– Like in the movies. In the plot of Uncharted 3 intricately intertwined elements of thriller, drama and Hollywood action. The third part of the famous series of blurs the line between game and kinoblokbastera
Around the world. Finding the key to the mystery of Atlantis Sands Drake will have to go to different parts of Europe and Central Asia

– Ahead of the whole planet. Uncharted is considered one of the most beautiful and technologically advanced games on the PlayStation 3 . The third part is traditionally raises the bar to new heights. Sand, smoke, fire, water – experts from the studio Naughty Dog put to work the console to the limit. In addition, Uncharted 3 boasts support for high resolution and stereoscopic 3D

– Adventures Without Borders. Cooperative and competitive multiplayer mode have become even more exciting. For the first time in the history of the Uncharted series when starting a multiplayer game, you can enjoy a cinematic elements characteristic of the story campaign.

Pay attention to the point method of creating an image:
RIP from original BD or Rebuilt + original IRD [ security PSN !!! ] Means that the image is present 100% of the original license disk files, as well as all security-sector and its structure. The image is based on the IRD-file provided by the official website 3K3Y.

Rebuilt + without IRD [ on PSN unsafe !!! ] Means that the image of the file may differ from those that are on the original disc. Lack of IRD during assembly means that in the absence of a security-sector and license disk structure. With this way go on PSN undesirable.



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