Alien Rage (EUR/RUS)

Alien Rage (EUR / RUS)
Title: of Alien the Rage
Year: 2013
Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: City Interactive has
Publisher: City Interactive has
Area: EUR
Publication Type: License
Code disc: NPEB01088
Language: Russian
Language: English
Transfer type: text
Startup: ( Rogero the CFW 4.46 v1.01, multiMAN 04.46.01)

In Alien Rage player entrusted with the role of an elite commando, tasked to perform some sort of sabotage mission.For its successful implementation of the main character will destroy the alien livestock in great numbers, actively fill your adrenaline and the speed of sound clips discharge, enjoying extremely arcade shooting in cramped spaces and non-stop “action game”.
You will enjoy 14 levels, a variety of enemies to battle with which to use different strategies, 10 types of deadly weapons that have both main and secondary firing mode, spectacular battles with the bosses and more.

1. Copy the file EP4321-NPEB01088_00-ALIENRAGEFULLCIG.edat to the console in the folder / dev_hdd0 / home / 00000001 / exdata /
Instead 00000001 greater number may be dependent on whether the first user on the PS3 . Exdata Folders can not be, if you have never entered into the PSN, then it is necessary to create for himself.
2. Copy the .pkg files on the flash drive (FAT32)
3. Insert the flash drive into the console
4. Start Menu Game -> Install Package Files
5. Install the game lhTardSxiPDbRtwGBiRlmfAfRqTjjgEVMbQIItTGIWnSHIprligAYTWgGfGWzIGu.pkg
6. Run the game through HMV



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